Useful Tips for Passionate Piano Music Teachers

Learning music is considered to be a special thing to do. Nowadays, it has become an interesting subject to master. With that in mind, there are different musical instruments that also draw attention from general people because learning how a musical instrument work can distinguish you among others. Apart from science, arts, and technology, music can be both passion and profession of a particular person. Right now, there are numerous people who want to become musicians, teachers, and music educators. This is why musicians and music educators are very much interested in learning the trades of music, precisely they want to know and learn the tricks and different strategies of music. Here are some of the most useful piano teaching tips that will make you efficient and effective pianist.

  • Manage your time and stress in a proper way: In order to learn about a subject, you have to invest time, effort, and other resources. In that music is no different. If you are taking music classes or lessons, you should not stop learning about it when you are not in class. To put it simply, when you are out of the classroom or private studio, your learning curve must not stop. You can take your work at home for accomplishing some unfinished notes or checking the recorded activities, quizzes, and worksheets. Now, all these tasks can be bit tedious. In that case, you have to be discipline and learn how to manage the time and organize the workload. If you can manage your time and workload properly, ultimately you will be a successful and happy teacher.

  • Don’t stop learning: Typically, a music teacher improves his or her skill and experience professional growth by different workshops, conferences, and seminars. These multifaceted sessions will lend a hand in shaping your self-confidence and

The Family Guy Version of Mine

Backed when I was still working in NHRC, I was the manager of outreach and marketing. I have a loyal fellow colleagues and subbordinates, who I deeply appreciate for whatever stuff they have done for me, both personally and professionally. Now I’m retired, I become a family guy my wife always wants me to be. I rolled up my sleeves, go to the garden, ventured into the garage, picked up the tool and fixed things around the house. My wife was so prooud of me. After all these years, this was the very rare time where I do not have to reach out for the neighbors, or call the plumbers to fix these. I should have made you retire earlier – She exclaimed!

Well, I could do lots of stuff when I was in power at NHRC, but when it comes to housework and family handmand, I still have a lot to learn. First, I have to buy an air compressor, and all-round tools that could help me fix lots of stuffs in the house, from filling up air tires, to inflate the pool for my boys, and power a lot of my air tools. I looked around for good air compressor reviews, and end up choosing the Viair 00073 70P heavy duty portable compressor for my next family road trip (a very compact tire inflator for tire emergency). For the home use, I picked the DWFP55130 for its quietness. So far, both of them never failed me once, and I hope they will be good support for me in the future.

Viair 0073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor

I also take a look at some lawn mowner, but could not find any good one. One thing is that I prefer the brand that is not exist in the US, only in the UK, and …

BBQ Party – A long forgotten experience

I was invited for a BBQ party this afternoon. It was such a long time, since I got to a BBQ party. However, the feeling is still so surreal, mixed with excitement. I’ve always wanted to organize a BBQ, and invite all my friends over. However, my apartment is not that big, and also, I was busy all the time, that chance did not happen. Still, I love BBQ and enjoy every single moment there.

The BBQ is organized near the beach area. The place was a very big park at the east end of the city, with greeneries stretch across multiple districts. It provides a very fresh air getaway for all the residents here. You can bike, walk and have a casual run in this park. If you are sporty, you’ll enjoy your time playing volleyball on the beach, or beach football. There’s also a separated area for skating, skate boarding and frisbee. Simply sum up, you can find a lot of sports you love to play in this park area.

Thee BBQ pit is nicely organized with a booking form on the website. It’s always packed, and you must book 2 – 3 weeks in advance to get a spot. I love how it organizes the booking system, just fair and very transparent. You could not get into the BBQ pit if someone had booked it, and if you are seriously about breaking the rules, there will be police around askinng you questions.

So I come to the BBQ bringing some snack, drinks and food for contribution. I’d love this kind of potluck sharing, as it’s easy to organize a big party with everyone’s helping. It’s a great way to crowdsource people. It’s always great to do something big with lots of people contributing.

So yeah, I’m …